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21/10/16 – Once again we’ve updated our shop with numerous new items, check them out:

New In Stock:
Idhafels – Ancient Lores, Forgotten…
Neige et Noirceur / Daughters of Sophia – Ascension
Sorcier Des Glaces / Ende – Le puits des morts
Vargsang – In the Mist of Night

Sorcier Des Glaces – North

New In Stock:
Apati – Eufori
Austere – To Lay like Old Ashes
Ars Veneficium – The Reign Of The Infernal King
Chaotic Symmetry – Αντίθεος αιώνιος
Devotion Omega – Sat Ur-Ru Sat
Nadiwrath – Circle of Pest
Peste Noire – Lorraine Rehearsal
Sarvari – Into the Chasm of Tartarus
Sarvari – Αρχαιολατρεία (Arxaiolatria)
Wallachia – From Behind the Light
Wallachia – Ceremony of Ascension

Drudkh – Autumn Aurora
Drudkh – Пісні скорботи і самітності (Songs of Grief and Solitude)
Drudkh – Відчуженість (Estrangement)
Drudkh – Microcosmos
Drudkh – Пригорща зірок (Handful of Stars)
Drudkh – Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel)
Skogen – Eld
Skogen – Svitjod
Skogen – Vittra

New In Stock:
Inferno /Tundra – Infernal Belief (12″ Vinyl)
Wargoat – Materia Prima (7″ Vinyl)

Drowning The Light – Lost Kingdoms of a Dark Age (10″ Vinyl)
Infinity – The Arcane Wisdom of Shadows (12″ Vinyl)
Infinity – Non De Hac Terra (12″ Vinyl)
VI – De Praestigiis Daemonum (12″ Vinyl)

New In Stock:
Ars Veneficium – Logo Patch

New In Stock:
Ars Veneficium – Tongue Of Serpents

Drowning The Light – Blood For The Countess
Drowning The Light – The Blood Of The Ancients
Drowning The Light – Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age
Woods Of Desolation – Logo

New interview with Ars Veneficium on Eternal Terror

06/10/16 – Our very own Ars Veneficium have been interviewed by Eternal Terror regarding their latest release ‘The Reign of the Infernal King‘ (available in our shop). Check it out:

Eternal Terror: I love and cherish the morbid atmosphere and inhumanly foul stench that emanate from “The Reign of the Infernal King”. To me, it sounds as if nothing was left to chance and that you had a very clear idea of where you wanted to go, not just in terms of the music and lyrics, but also production wise and in relation to the artwork adorning the album. Everything just fits together and each aspect enhances the other. What was the atmosphere in the studio like when recording this most malevolent of opuses? Like I said, it just sounds so driven and focused. Was everything planned in minute detail or did you work quite intuitively on certain things in the studio?

S: For my part, everything was planned out very well. When all the songs had been written and the lyrics were done as well, I could already imagine the artwork for this album, so I had my friend from Opposition Artworks draw the whole thing and he really followed my descriptions to the smallest detail for which I truly thank him. I also had a very clear view on how I wanted the album to sound like, and that is one of the main reasons why we sent it to Wolfthrone Studios in Finland, because I know this guy very well and I knew that he would try to make it sound the way I would like it to be. He did a very great job on the mixing and mastering, and he paid close attention to my notes and opinion. The recording of the album itself was done in pieces; drums were recorded at Mortsella Studios and all the other instruments and vocals were recorded at Archcaust home studio. We each took our time during the recordings and basically did it all alone with only Archcaust around to help with the recordings, so we were not distracted by the others, and I have to say that worked out well.

>> Read the entire interview on Eternal Terror!

End of Summer Sale!

SALE: From today on until October 1st you will get 10% off of every order over 50€ placed in our webstore! Grab yourself some fine black metal releases (including the upcoming Ars Veneficium and From The Vastland releases) from our huge distro and save some money while you’re at it!


Additionally we’ve added a couple more items for you to purchase to our store:

New In Stock:
Beorn – Triumph of the Will
Bustum – Voices from the Past 1994-1995
Deadthorn / Upur – Belua Multorum Capitum
Mastiphal – Nocturnal Landscape
Profanatism – Painful Incarnations
Thy Worshiper – Winter Dream / Tym Z Krainy Cieni
Tiil Sum – In Articulo Mortis